Test Criteria:

This test is specifically done for Indian Environment as it is unique as 50% of the machine are pre infected machines. Though there are awards like Virus Bulletin 100, VB 100 concentrates on a product detecting 100% of all the viruses “In The Wild” (ITW). Many of the samples which are present in India do not make to ITW List. All the products of VB 100% award are checked for only detecting the virus, most of the products fail in Indian Environment because the machine is pre infected or the anti-virus is not able to clean them. We decided to test the products with the test criteria which is unique to the Indian Environment.

We have set up the test in four levels.

Known Malware- Malware that is widely spread and is detect by a majority of antiviruses.

Known Malware (Variant) – Malware that is widely spread whose variant is been used for this test to see the level of detection of the variants.

Unknown Malware- Malware samples that were developed exclusively for this test hence unknown to any antivirus vendor. The antivirus will only be able to stop such attacks using heuristics.

Pre Infected Machines-In this test the computers were infected with known malware before the anti-virus is installed. The reason for this test is that most of Indian computers are already infect with some sort of malware before an antivirus is installed and the this test hopes to test if the antivirus is able to remove all previous infections after it is installed.

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